TeleConference training calls can be converted into modules for enduring use. We can help you to reduce duplication and save time.

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Easy Navigation of Content

A training recording is usually an extended audio clip which forces viewers to inefficiently scroll back and forth to find their topic of interest.

We can convert your recorded training sessions into modules where the content is broken down into chapters that can be accessed via an interactive table of contents

Your viewers can click directly to the section they need.

Reduce Duplication and Save Time

When a training call or presentation is given, it can be recorded and used as an enduring training resource. This resource can be easily shared via a web link or can be embedded in your training deliverables. 

What does this mean for you?

No need to repeat presentations for colleagues who cannot attend live.

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Audio Can Be Edited to Enhance Your Presentation Delivery

We can remove speech errors, accidental release of info, and background noise.